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Resources and Links

Too much information can sometimes be as bad as too little. We have all seen and read the information being shared through emails and social media – and it can be a little overwhelming with so much data! So, we have collated what we think is the most useful info out there, in the hope that it helps you efficiently navigate through your working day – whatever that looks like for you!



Leadership in a crisis – the importance of courage and caring

Juliette Kumar from the Innovation Agency has gathered some thoughts about our cultural approaches to leadership at a time of crisis. An organisational strategy to address staff wellbeing and culture during this time is as necessary as an operational strategy and needs to be deployed with similar energy.  There are many practical tools and approaches that leaders can use to support the workforce in this difficult time:

  1. Take time to understand the impact of fear on ourselves as leaders

  2. Allow people to take off their armour

  3. Promote habits for wellbeing and happiness

  4. Encourage self-care

  5. Be aware of our behaviours

Abridged version of the full article, found here


The ultimate remote working policy

We know that remote working policies are rapidly being developed in response to COVID-19, with many of our staff and managers having to adjust to this new way of working. The Corporate Rebels have written this useful article on remote working which focuses on the importance of trust.


From fragile to agile - top tips for virtual team working 

Delve OD have shared some thoughts about what teams need to consider when working virtually, particularly what to consider when leading or working as part of a team.


Adapting to the new normal

Our colleagues at North West Employers have also pulled together a guide to working in the most productive way from home, especially when juggling with work and home-life demands!


Can OD support families in lockdown during COVID-19?

Mee Yan Cheung-Judge has reflected on the skills and capabilities of OD as a behavioural science practice can have on how we can work better with our family dynamics during lockdown.


We have also found some great tips and resources on Remote Working from the team at The Hum. Their ‘top tip’ right now is to make space for feelings - most people need space to verbally process the emotions that are rolling through them. 

Here’s an example from a recent online training workshop they hosted with 30 people: at the start of the meeting, they used Zoom’s breakout rooms to split everyone into groups of two. Then they had 10 minutes just to check in: How are you feeling? What’s going on for you? What do you need to feel safe and well? Splitting out into pairs means everyone can really be heard, without taking up too much of your total meeting time.

For more on this theme, they have also recommended two excellent articles: 

What You Are Doing is Not Remote Work. It is Coping in a Global Emergency, and from the Harvard Business Review: The Discomfort You’re Feeling is Grief.


Leading Groups Online: a down-and-dirty guide to leading online courses, meetings, trainings, and events during the coronavirus pandemic.

As ever, the fab Helen Bevan finds the best of what’s out there and shares it with us all. This week she has shared the free online PDF for Leading Groups Online. This includes lots of practical tips and tools on how to create and lead productive online discussions.

Toolkits and Guidance

These guidance documents have been developed to provide some remote working guidance, including top tips on practical steps to ensure you’re looking after your own wellbeing while working from home and on working approaches and practices to support remote team working (for managers)

Please note that the documents are 'active' and will be updated as the information becomes available.