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NHS Employers: Retain and Improve

What is it?

NHS Employers’ retain and improve web section. Containing information and resources on:

-health and wellbeing

-raising concerns/whistleblowing

-staff engagement

-supporting the Armed Forces in the NHS

-Tackling bullying in the NHS

-Standards and assurance



Why do it?

Retain and Improve – experience and resource in supporting NHS organisations with retaining talent with staff engagement (see Employment offer and brands) such as line management toolkit and health and wellbeing programme support.

The health and wellbeing section on the NHS Employers website helps improve patient safety and care by supporting NHS organisations through toolkits, resources and case studies to prioritise staff wellbeing and implement effective programmes for the workforce.

Staff engagement highlighting best practice through case studies and providing advice and guidance around staff engagement as well as practical tools to support such as staff survey analysis toolkits and line management toolkit.

Professional Standards and Assurance - provide support and advice to employers to improve patient safety. Includes the latest information, policy, tools and guidance around Freedom to Speak Up, professional regulations and employment checks.

Reservists / Step in to Health - programmes to support recruitment of armed forces in to NHS (see also managers hub on Talent Development and System Leadership)

Raising concerns/whistleblowing - Having an open and responsive raising concerns culture where staff feel confident to speak up when things go wrong, is one of the key elements of ensuring a safe and effective workforce. Here employers can find the latest information, guidance, tools and resources designed to support organisations to enhance local arrangements.

Retention - In this section you'll find guidance, information and resources to support your organisation with improving staff retention.

Appraisals - guidance, resources and toolkits available to support a positive appraisal process

Tackling bullying in the NHS - supporting trusts with tools, guidance, best practice case studies to support employers to tackle bullying in the workplace.