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Additional Resources

Below are a list of resources and templates that have been referenced throughout this toolkit which are designed to help you in your workforce planning processes. All resources will be made available on the GM Workforce Future Site.

This is not an exhaustive list and if there are any templates you think you will need that are not available in this toolkit, do not hesitate to get in touch via:

Resource Link

How can this support me in workforce planning?

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Stakeholder & engagement prioritisation matrix

This will help you identify and prioritise who is best places to be involved in your process.

Click here to access file.

Planning checklist

How to define the parameters of your planning process and ensure you have thought about and gathered everything you will need for a successful planning process.

Click here to access file. 

Change Management help sheet

What to look out for in Change Management and how best to mitigate risk

Click here to access file. 

P.E.S.T.E.L. Analysis

Understand and scope your context and drivers of your workforce planning process.

Click here to access file. 

Getting to know your service users

Techniques to understand your service users when redesigning services.

Click here to access file. 

Boston Matrix

Help you to review your current services in the context of workforce planning.

Click here to access file. 

Ansoff matrix

Help you to focus on the sustainable future planning of services.

Click here to access file. 

Skills, knowledge, competence mapping and role identification template

Helps you to map the Skills, knowledge, competencies to identify the types of roles you will need for future services role

Click here to access file. 

Workforce Planning Action Plan Template

Will support you embed your workforce plans in practice.

Click here to access file. 

FAQ Sheet

If you still have any more questions about the workforce planning process, you may find your answer in this FAQ sheet from the workforce training sessions.

Coming soon!


If you have any workforce planning resources you have used in the past or have recently come across, please do share them with us by using the workforce planners GM forum.