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North West Employers: Workforce Support

What is it?

Our aims are to:​

Be your representative voice for the North West. We work in partnership with the LGA to represent your views and opinions on, for example, the National Pay Consultations. ​

Provide a dedicated expert helpline for HR employment advice. ​

Continue to support councils in building capacity through our assessment of staff roles and conducting workforce pay and grading reviews.​

Provide you with the latest thinking and research and sharing intelligence.​

Be a central communications channel on future changes to public sector functions.​

Be the North West's Regional Administrator for Epaycheck - a national online salary benchmarking tool. ​

Improve management challenge through our dispute solution services – meditation support, independent case reviews and investigation processes. ​

Provide high quality skills development across the workforce eg managing attendance, discipline/grievance training, investigation skills, mediation skills, dignity at work, stress management, Policies into Play

Why do it?

We work with employers as their local hub providing advice and support on workforce issues. We represent your views as part of the national pay consultation process. We can support you with restructures, dispute resolution, conciliation and mediation, policy review, as well as keeping you informed about policy updates.​ We offer a wide range of employment and HR skills development workshops as our ambition is to inspire you to be the best you can be.


We will be happy to provide a tailored quote based on your specific requirements.

How to take forward:

Contact Keith Power, Director, North West Employers: 0161 834 9362



Last Updated: May 2019