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The Growth Company: Skills gap analysis and team profiling to assess the gaps and identify barriers (IDG)

What is it?

A Gap Analysis is an opportunity to gain a position statement on your system and what you may need to give more attention to before a formal audit. 

It’s a test run without the pressure of a pass or fail and can offer valuable feedback and insight into existing skills within the team, where additional pressure may be being added, potential growth opportunities for staff and/or a need for recruitment.

Psychometric testing and team profiling tools can be a powerful way of gaining this insight including how and why your people respond the way they do. It can be invaluable to creating a positive workplace culture. 

Each of the above help to identify any barriers, which can then be overcome leading to a happy, healthy and sustainable workforce.

Why do it?

Supporting the link between developing people, high performance working and business success plays a big part.

Our organisational and people development consulting services are tailored to you and designed to help you ask questions about your business and its future that you may have never considered before. 

Skills gap analysis and team profiling allows for an in-depth understanding into your employees, their strengths, opportunities for growth and development and can be invaluable in creating a happy work environment as well as increasing staff satisfaction and retention. Once barriers have been identified, we can support you in overcoming these barriers by developing a bespoke approach for you and your business.


Negotiable (dependant upon business size and sector)

How to take forward: or call 0844 406 8008



Last Updated: May 2019