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WRaPT: Workforce Baseline Analysis and Reporting

What is it?

If you are a system or organisation needing to transform it can be hard to know where to start but with the WRaPT approach, we start by helping you understand your current system-wide workforce picture - who do you have, in which roles, working where, providing what activity? Our premise is that if you don’t have clarity on what it looks like now, how can you consider where and what needs to change? 

By creating a clear workforce baseline, whether within an organisation or across a whole STP footprint, you will have your starting point, helping you better understand what staff you have, what they do and where they do it.  From that, you can more clearly explore what changes need to be made to transform your workforce for the future. The WRaPT tool can help you do this, and the WRaPT tool can store that information securely and visualise it in a number of helpful, informative ways.

Why do it?

By using the WRaPT team and tool for your baselining, we can help you get to a 'single version of the truth', evaluating and analysing the various data sources available to establish a more robust view of your current workforce numbers. As well as proving this single, evidenced view of workforce across your organisation or system, we upload your workforce data into the WRaPT tool, and provide you with your own role-based access for this online tool so that you can view it yourself and refresh the datasets as required. We present the baseline to you as an informative written report and can present it in person if required. We can also provide support around the Information Governance requirements of projects of this nature, as required.


Access to the WRaPT tool is free for health and social care organisations and systems within England. Organisations from any of the three STPs in the North West of England, i.e. Greater Manchester, Lancashire & South Cumbria and Cheshire & Merseyside could also access free or reduced fee support for the implementation of a WRaPT-enabled project such as a workforce baseline or modelling exercise, through the core funding already provided by HEE NW for 2019/20. To see if you could qualify for this, please speak to Fiona Lord at WRaPT, contacting us via the WRaPT website,

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Last updated: May 2019